My Future in public relations

After spending so many weeks writing blogs about the public relations field, it is hard to believe that after this post, I will not longer be a PR student, at UNT at least. I have spent the entire semester thinking about my future in the field. As I prepare for graduation with a job offer, I look back and think I much I will miss PR. Needless to say, my job offer was not in public relations but rather the financial industry.


Strangely enough, several of my friends who are also graduating from the PR program at UNT have jobs lined up but not in public relations. My sister who graduated fromTempleUniversity’s graduate program in 2010 told me that there were lots of jobs available in my field; however, the positions I have found thus far are either not paying enough or are internship opportunities.


This past Friday I spent the morning at Edelman PR firm. I was so excited to visit, since that is one of my dream jobs and companies. I spoke with a young lady who was a trainee; this is their internal term for interns. She along with many of the employees there told me that most started their careers in public relations in an internship role at a firm. At this time I had already accepted my job offer but it really got me thinking.


Initially I had planned on spending my free time freelancing so that I could maintain an up-to-date resume. Now, however, I am considering the possibilities of an internship in the spring. This option is very discouraging though for someone in my shoes. I am practically totally independent and I don’t have any additional sources of income barring my jobs, therefore a low-wage or unpaid internship is not a reasonable option.


Before visiting Edelman I was very excited about starting my new job, which I still am, however, visiting the firm reminded me why I loved the profession and that this is what I really want to do in life. I believe that public relations is a field of work that would never bore me (an important attribute to any job I take since I have such a short attention span.)

One of my best friends, Jasma Johnson, a graduate from the PR program at UNT, was so burnt out after her final semester that she dropped PR and began working on a Teacher’s Certification. Now she is a third grade teacher in theDallasIndependentSchool District. I won’t lie, there have been times this semester where I have shared her feelings. Unlike Jas however, I do want to continue in the profession and hope that one day my path leads me back to the career I love.


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