Music and Social Media

One of my close friends is a musician and he along with his brother and sister are working on their first official project. He has taken a page from the likes of celebrities and musicians who have featured themselves on social media and has reached out to A&R executives, producers and engineers. The response has actually been great! Since first posting his initial song, he has gotten over 2500 views on YouTube and has over 900 followers.


The impact of social media on artists and the music industry has transformed the way talent is discovered. There have been several very successful acts found on social media sites. The first social media site, MySpace actually began as a social media platform for musicians. YouTube and Facebook and in the last year or so, Twitter have made the “important people” in the music industry much more accessible.


The question was raised among my group of friends…How do you get those individuals to listen to you?


Over the course of this semester my friends have begun following artists and other music industry folk who are known to respond to tweets from followers. I felt they were on the right track. Along with following the right people, I believe that maintaining a strong presence on social media, not only Facebook and Twitter, will aid them in their journey. An idea that is in the works is the creation of a blog as well as a series of web videos that will allow the public to get to know the artists on a more personal level. This on top of the video diary that will detail the journey of the making of the project as well as some fun outtake moments will create a personalized experience for the viewers. I have also consulted them about creating a brand early and trying to build the brand. The group’s name is Un-Orthadox. Therefore the blog title will be Un-Orthadox Thoughts, The personalized videos will be Un-Orthadox moments and the video (which will actually be more like a documentary) will be “From South Central to the Staple Center: The Journey.” The project, which is a mixtape, is titled “South Central to the Staple Center. “


The music industry is one that children dream about. I know for myself, I once had aspirations about becoming a famous actress and moving to Los Angeles. When I browse Twitter I find many young women advertising themselves as models and actresses; and I have read stories about women who have been discovered on social media sites and have gone on to become very popular. With acting however, I always found it harder because your talent is not always so obvious. With music the artist can sing at the drop of a dime, reciting a monologue is not so compelling.


It is my hope that this group of very talented musicians will get  their music listened to by the right individual. The idea that the process is any easier is a falsehood, although with greater access to the right people the process might be a bit more convenient.


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