Education Evolution


The University of North Texas is growing rapidly. Over the years since I have attended the school I have seen expansions, demolitions and an increase in the student population. This year the school received the largest donation in its history. With such upward movement, I would assume that the school would have increased the recruitment process or has been receiving more media attention.


Over the past few weeks, however, I have noticed a growing trend of other universities in the state advertising closer to the UNT campus and more frequently. Stephen F. Austin has become much more visible in North Texas. Many of the billboards throughout the DFW are advertising the many programs offered at the university.


Some schools are as far a way as Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Temple University now has billboard and transit ads throughout the city as well. One might ask the question “Why would they choose to advertise in a city that is so far away from its main campus?”



With the explosion of online course and online degrees the possibilities for educational opportunities will soon be unlimited. Soon, advertising within such a small radius around a campus will be the least of a university’s worries.


Seemingly, the competition for admission will shift gears and eventually, students will prefer to take classes online and continue with everyday life. As a student who worked, interned and went to school, I know that I would have been a prime candidate for exclusively online classes. I can only imagine how much free time I would have had or how much money I could have saved. On the other hand, having an in-class face-to-face interaction with teachers and other students is essential to having a true college experience. If all classes were exclusively taught online we would lose touch with each other.


Communication is growing and changing our world each day. Education has been enhanced greatly by the evolution of communication applications; however we should not lose sight of genuine interpersonal interaction in dealing with education.


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